I’m a sculptor of light and stone. The beginning of my illuminated stone sculptural series, began simply with a candle, a carved abstraction of red alabaster, and a beginner’s mind (as in Zen). The night I traveled with my first creation to Joshua Tree and experienced these living art forms under the desert stars, I knew that my path as an artist was truly lit.

Lighting art from within challenges our notions of how light, shadow and form are perceived. The juxtaposition of these aspects synthesizes into a beautiful illuminated dance. Choreographing this dance of form and energy as a sculptor, I strive to maintain a balance between aesthetic beauty and exploration of perception.

My influences include landscapes, geology, life forms, light technology and contemporary design. My relationship with design is a crucial element in the process. It keeps me aware of the play between my art and the environments that they will call home. Since contemporary design is so consciously influenced by nature, my artwork is perfectly matched with today’s collective creative voice.

The sweat: pneumatic chisels, saws, grinders, and other specialized tools for stone carving are used to create each sculpture. Through careful carving and polishing a perfect balance of shape and design is unveiled within the translucent stones that I use. Beautiful lines combine with flowing forms making each piece naturally unique. Combining other materials to the stone such as bronze, ceramics and wood has become the evolutionary next stage of my illuminated art.

Drew A. Schnierow | Das Art • 415.383.7080 •